What is CNC-milling?
- CNC-milling is a computer controlled milling prosess that is very effective on cutting products.

Our 5-axed Huber & Grimme CNC-milling machine
- CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.
- The term numerical control was used as early as in the 1950′s.
- Then Massachusetts Institute of Technology did a test trying to connect an analogue digit-machine to a milling-machine.
- The steering was already then electronical, but was constisted of among others, radio valves.
- The transistor was used a bit later, which developt the prosess a lot.

- Before milling, a jig has to be made.
- Then the vacumm-formed product becomes sucked stuck in the jig with vacuum.
- The programming is done mainly with a teach-in box.
- The teach-in box steers the milling-machine manually and writes the CNC-code where the programmer wants to have the different points.